Dyed Natural Wood Beads, Polygon, Mixed Color Size: 20mm long, 20mm wide, 20mm thick, hole: 4mm; 108pcs/500g.

Dyed Natural Wood Beads

Dyed Natural Wood Beads for fashion jewelry making

Dyed Natural Wood Beads, Round, Lead Free, Black Size: 10mm in diameter, 9mm thick, Hole: 3mm; 3000pcs/1000g.

Dyed Natural Wood Beads

Dyed Natural Wood Beehive Beads, Round, Mixed Color Size: 20mm in diameter, 18.5mm thick, hole: 6mm; 234pcs/500g.

Dyed Natural Wood Beehive Beads

Dyed Natural Wooden Beads, Drum, Lead Free, Black Size: 17mm in diameter, 16mm long, hole: 6~7mm; 700pcs/1000g. Delightful patterns and colors are applied to lightweight wood beads. All have generous sized bead holes. Show your support by incorporating these into charm bracelets, pendants, earring components and anklets.

Dyed Natural Wooden Beads

Dyed Natural Wooden Beads, Round with Wave Point, Black Size: 0.63 inch (16mm) in diameter, 0.59 inch (15mm) thick, hole: 0.16 inch (4mm).

Dyed Natural Wooden Beads

Faceted Unfinished Wood Beads, Natural Wooden Beads, Polygon, PapayaWhip Size: side length: 18mm in diameter, 18mm thick; diagonal length: 21mm in diameter; hole: 4mm.

Faceted Unfinished Wood Beads

Natural Unfinished Wood Beads, Macrame Beads, Round Wooden Large Hole Beads for Craft Making, Lead Free, Floral White Size: 24mm in diameter, 21mm thick, hole: 9~11mm.

Natural Unfinished Wood Beads

Unfinished Natural Wood Beads, Round, Floral White Size: 39~40mm in diameter, 38mm thick, hole: 10mm.

Unfinished Natural Wood Beads

Natural Unfinished Wood Beads, Waxed Wooden Beads, Smooth Surface, Round, Floral White Size: 10mm in diameter, hole: 2.5mm. Material: Made of natural wood, lightweight and durable, these beads are environment friendly for the feature of lead free. Natural Wood Color & Waxed: These wooden beads are in original color, the surface is more smooth beacause of waxing, asy to draw, painted or engrave. You can paint and color it to finish your personalized decoration, or you can let it be in the original state. Usage: You can use these wooden beads to make bracelets, necklaces, children craft projects and other DIY crafts. Also good for home decoration, party decoration, etc.

Natural Unfinished Wood Beads

Natural Wood European Beads, Beehive Beads, Floral White Size: 20mm long, 19.5mm in diameter, hole: 4mm.

Natural Wood European Beads